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Linux Crash Course - Bash Aliases


Aliases in Bash enable you to essentially create your own commands, or even just simplify existing ones. In this video, I'll explain what aliases are, and I'll show you some of my personal favorites. At the end, I'll show you how to make your aliases persist between sessions. 🐧 Visit the official LearnLinuxTV forums and hang out with fellow Penguins ➜ 🤍 Check out Jay's latest book. Covers Ubuntu 22.04! - Mastering Ubuntu Server, 4th Edition ➜ 🤍 SUPPORT LEARN LINUX TV Note: Commission may be earned for any and all links presented here. - Set up your own cloud server with Akamai Connected Cloud ➜ 🤍 - Support me on Patreon and get early access to new content! ➜ 🤍 - Check out jay's latest book, Mastering Ubuntu Server 3rd Edition ➜ 🤍 - Affiliate store for Linux compatible hardware/accessories ➜ 🤍 - Check out the Tiny Pilot KVM for your Homelab ➜ 🤍 ## - Individual Sections - 00:00 - Intro 01:08 - The alias command 03:27 - Removing an alias 04:46 - Alias example 1: Simplify the output of the df command 07:14 - Alias example 2: Simplify the output of the mount command 08:31 - Alias example 3: Showing your external IP 09:22 - Alias example 4: Simplifying the installation of packages 10:47 - Alias example 5: Simplifying the command for upgrading packages 11:53 - Alias example 6: Running an Internet speed test 13:36 - Alias example 7: Checking CPU and memory usage 14:51 - Retaining aliases even after closing your session Video-specific links - Official blog post for this video ➜ 🤍 - Recommended stand-alone videos from Learn Linux TV - • How to create a bootable flash drive for installing Linux ➜ 🤍 • Installing an operating system for Raspberry Pi ➜ 🤍 • Understanding Linux permissions ➜ 🤍 • Essential tweaks for ALL Linux Servers ➜ 🤍 BRUSH UP YOUR SKILLS WITH THESE STAND-ALONE TUTORIALS • OpenSSH Guide ➜ 🤍 • How to better secure OpenSSH ➜ 🤍 • 10 Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Workflow ➜ 🤍 • Over 15 Terminal Tricks You Should Learn ➜ 🤍 - Recommended Courses from Learn Linux TV - • Get up to speed with managing an OpenStack Cloud ➜ 🤍 • Learn how to write your own Bash Scripts ➜ 🤍 • Install, configure, and maintain a Proxmox VE Cluster ➜ 🤍 • Automate tedious setup jobs by learning Ansible ➜ 🤍 • Learn how to exit vim (and use it too) ➜ 🤍 - Linux-related Podcasts - • Enterprise Linux Security ➜ 🤍 • The Homelab Show ➜ 🤍 - Fun Linux-related Projects - • Run your own Gitlab CE Server ➜ 🤍 • Build a Kubernetes Cluster on Proxmox ➜ 🤍 • Set up your own Nextcloud Server ➜ 🤍 - Official Learn Linux TV Sites - • Main site ➜ 🤍 • Community ➜ 🤍 - FAQ - • Which distro do I use? ➜ 🤍 • My recording gear (commissions earned) ➜ 🤍 Disclaimer: LearnLinuxTV provides technical content on YouTube that will hopefully be helpful to you and teach you something new. However, this content is provided without any warranty (expressed or implied). LearnLinuxTV is not responsible for any damages that may arise from any use of this content. The viewer is expected to follow best judgement and to make his/her/their best decisions while working with production or non-production systems and hardware. #bash #linux #cli

Let's Share Our Favorite Bash Aliases


I think one of the things that most of us do not fully appreciate is how much time we can save by using shell aliases. I don't think I use enough aliases and when I check out other people's configs, I don't think you guys use enough aliases. So I thought I'd share some of my aliases with you guys, and you guys can share your favorite aliases in the comments below! REFERENCED: ► 🤍 - DT's bashrc WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? 💰 Patreon: 🤍 💳 Paypal: 🤍 🛍️ Amazon: 🤍 👕 Teespring: 🤍 SOCIAL PLATFORMS: 🗨️ Mastodon: 🤍logy/🤍distrotube 💬 IRC: irc://freenode #distrotube 👫 Reddit: 🤍 📽️ LBRY: 🤍 DT ON THE WEB: 🕸️ Website: 🤍 🐿️ Gopherhole: gopher:// 📁 GitLab: 🤍 🔊 Audio Podcasts: 🤍 FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE THAT I USE: 🌐 Brave Browser - 🤍 📽️ Open Broadcaster Software: 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive: 🤍 🎨 GIMP: 🤍 🎵 Audacity: 🤍 💻 VirtualBox: 🤍 🗒️ Doom Emacs: 🤍 Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!

Linux Commands for Beginners 08 - Command Aliases


In my Linux Commands for Beginners series, we'll explore everything you need to know in order to be productive on the Linux Command Line. You'll learn basic commands, input/output redirection, package management, resource monitoring, troubleshooting, and more. In the eighth video, we'll explore command aliases. If you enjoyed this video, please click the like button, and share it on your favorite social networking platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc) 🐦 Follow me on Twitter! ➡️ 🤍 💬 Official Community: ➡️ 🤍 📖 Check out jay's latest book, Mastering Ubuntu Server 3rd Edition. Available now! ➡️ 🤍 ☁️ Get $100 in credit toward deploying your very own Linux servers on Linode! ➡️ 🤍 🛒 Affiliate store for Linux compatible hardware/accessories (commission earned): ➡️ 🤍 💻 Check out the Tiny Pilot KVM for your Homelab (commission earned): ➡️ 🤍 🙌 Support me on Patreon and get early access to new content! ➡️ 🤍 👨 More about me: ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 #LinuxTutorial #DevOps #Command-line

Mastering Linux Aliases: Boost Your Productivity with Powerful Command Shortcuts!


#linux #mprashant 🤍MPrashant #linuxtutorial #alias Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Welcome to our YouTube channel! In this video, we dive deep into the world of Linux aliases and show you how to supercharge your command line experience. Linux aliases are powerful tools that allow you to create custom shortcuts for complex commands, making your workflow faster and more efficient. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of Linux aliases, from basic syntax to advanced techniques. Learn how to create, manage, and leverage aliases to streamline repetitive tasks, automate commands, and personalize your Linux environment. Whether you're a beginner looking to optimize your command line skills or an experienced Linux user searching for new productivity hacks, this video has something for everyone. We provide clear explanations, practical examples, and expert tips to help you harness the full potential of Linux aliases. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your Linux command line game. Watch now and unlock the true power of Linux aliases! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more Linux tutorials and tips. Let's dive into the wonderful world of Linux aliases together! Linux Alias, Linux command line, Linux productivity, Linux shortcuts, Linux command shortcuts, Linux command automation, Linux terminal, Linux shell, Linux scripting, Linux tips, Linux tricks, Linux customization, Linux workflow, Linux productivity hacks, Linux command line tricks, Linux beginners, Linux experts, Linux skills, Linux power user, Linux tutorial

How to Create and Use Alias Command in Linux | Top Docs with Jay LaCroix


In this video, we'll take a look at the alias command in Linux. The alias command can help save time and reduce frustration by creating customizable shortcuts in the command line. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:52 Create An Alias 2:36 Listing Your Aliases 3:26 Removing An Alias 4:09 Different Use Cases for Aliases 4:43 Simplifying the Output of df -h 7:17 Simplifying the Output of mount 8:37 Curling for your IP address 9:28 Simplify Package Installation 10:55 Simplify Package Upgrades 12:04 Curling for a Speedtest 13:43 Grab the top processes 15:03 Making Your Aliases Sticky 17:08 Conclusion New to Linode? Get started here with a $100 credit → 🤍 Read the doc for more information on the alias command → 🤍 Check out some more Linux command line tips → 🤍 Subscribe to get notified of new episodes as they come out → 🤍 #Linode #alias #commands #Linux #CommandLine Product: Linode, Linux, Command Line; Jay LaCroix;

Linux Tip: How to use the alias command


Leave a comment and let us know which command you want featured in a future Linux Tips video. Follow Sandra on Twitter: 🤍 Follow TECH(talk) for the latest tech news and discussion! ­ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍

Linux Alias to Create Shortcut of Commands


#shorts #mprashant #linux #hindi #redhat #centos8 🤍MPrashant Very Useful Linux Alias command How to create a shortcut of commands in Linux? What is Linux Alias Command? How to use Alias for permanent shortcut? Linux short video Learn linux in short video Linux Command you must know Useful Linux info Useful Linux command Linux short tutorial Shorts Hindi me Linux Basics in 60 sec Learn Linux in 1 min Linux Commands in 1 min Linux Commands Explained in 1 min Linux Shorts Youtube shorts Linux tutorial hindi Linux tutorial for beginners

Shell Aliases Every Linux User Needs


One of the most common questions I get from new-to-Linux users is, "How can I become a power user?" Well, learning the terminal and the terminal commands is the best thing you can do. And big part of becoming more proficient at the command line is creating your own Bash aliases. So today, I'm taking a fresh install of Ubuntu and adding aliases to it's bashrc. These are aliases that I think most, if not all, Ubuntu users would find helpful. REFERENCED: ► 🤍 - DT's personal bashrc WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? 💰 Patreon: 🤍 💳 Paypal: 🤍 🛍️ Amazon: 🤍 👕 Teespring: 🤍 DONATE CRYPTO: 💰 Bitcoin: 1Mp6ebz5bNcjNFW7XWHVht36SkiLoxPKoX 🐶 Dogecoin: D5fpRD1JRoBFPDXSBocRTp8W9uKzfwLFAu 📕 LBC: bMfA2c3zmcLxPCpyPcrykLvMhZ7A5mQuhJ SOCIAL PLATFORMS: 🗨️ Mastodon: 🤍 👫 Reddit: 🤍 📽️ LBRY/Odysee: 🤍 DT ON THE WEB: 🕸️ Website: 🤍 🐿️ Gemini Capsule: gemini:// 📁 GitLab: 🤍 FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE THAT I USE: 🌐 Brave Browser - 🤍 📽️ Open Broadcaster Software: 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive: 🤍 🎨 GIMP: 🤍 🎵 Ardour: 🤍 💻 VirtualBox: 🤍 🗒️ Doom Emacs: 🤍 Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!

Seu Terminal Linux não será mais o mesmo! - Como usar Bash Aliases


✅ Baixe o ThinLinc gratuitamente: 🤍 ✅ Veja o vídeo no Diolinux Labs sobre o ThinLinc: 🤍 ALIAS, ou ALIASES (no plural) são uma forma de criar "apelidos" ou atalhos para comandos Linux mais complexos. Na prática, vai parecer que você está criando os seus próprios comandos para executar no Terminal, e aumentar muito a sua produtividade, e fazer você ganhar um tempo precioso no seu trabalho. 👑 Seja membro do canal: 🤍 🔴 Vídeos exclusivos: 🤍 📘 Cursos e séries exclusivos para membros: 🤍 📩 Notícias do mundo Tech, Linux e Open Source: 🤍 ⭐ Todas as nossas redes sociais: 🤍 🎤 Nosso Podcast: 🤍 🎮 Nosso canal de Lives de games: 🤍 🛒 Nossa loja (na Lolja): 🤍 📊 Confira os benchmarks em detalhes: 🤍 📬 Contato comercial: blogdiolinux🤍 📹 Produção: Roteiro e Apresentação: Dionatan Simioni Edição e efeitos: Rafael Shikamaru #bash #linux #terminal #aliases #zsh

Create alias In Linux Or Ubuntu Step By Step Tutorial


Create alias In Linux Or Ubuntu Step By Step Tutorial alias shortname='long command' alias c='clear'

Save Time on the Command Line With Aliases


helpful bash aliases. ₿💰💵💲Help Support the Channel by Donating Crypto💲💵💰₿ Monero 45F2bNHVcRzXVBsvZ5giyvKGAgm6LFhMsjUUVPTEtdgJJ5SNyxzSNUmFSBR5qCCWLpjiUjYMkmZoX9b3cChNjvxR7kvh436 Bitcoin 3MMKHXPQrGHEsmdHaAGD59FWhKFGeUsAxV Ethereum 0xeA4DA3F9BAb091Eb86921CA6E41712438f4E5079 Litecoin MBfrxLJMuw26hbVi2MjCVDFkkExz8rYvUF Dash Xh9PXPEy5RoLJgFDGYCDjrbXdjshMaYerz Zcash t1aWtU5SBpxuUWBSwDKy4gTkT2T1ZwtFvrr Chainlink 0x0f7f21D267d2C9dbae17fd8c20012eFEA3678F14 Bitcoin Cash qz2st00dtu9e79zrq5wshsgaxsjw299n7c69th8ryp Etherum Classic 0xeA641e59913960f578ad39A6B4d02051A5556BfC USD Coin 0x0B045f743A693b225630862a3464B52fefE79FdB Subscribe to my YouTube channel 🤍 and be sure to click that notification bell so you know when new videos are released.

Alias Command Linux | Linux Command Shortcuts | FOTV


Alias Command in Linux. Define another shortcut command for Long Command. Super Fast Command execution and no need to remember actual commands.

Linux Terminal Basics: Alias Command


How to use Alias and Unalias to create and delete shortcut commands in the Linux Bash terminal. Commands: $ alias shortcmd=’a long winded command’ $ alias -p (list all aliases) $ unalias shortcmd (delete shortcmd) Create permanent aliases in either the ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases if the file is referenced on your system Wallpaper from Charlie Henson: 🤍 Like my channel? Please help support it: Patreon: 🤍 Paypal: 🤍 Follow me on Social Media Google+ 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Minds: 🤍 #Linux #Terminal #Alias

BASH Aliases: Making the magic happen with example


BASH Aliases with examples will make the magic happen for you at the Linux command line. With an extract from my Puppet 6 course we show how using BASH aliases at the command line helps us move directories really easily. Having an alias and a working example you can see easily how bash aliases can help you.

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صفحة يوميات لينكساوى على Facebook 🤍 مدونة خوارزمى العرب: 🤍

Linux Alias erstellen und dauerhaft speichern


Ein Linux Alias hilft dir, Befehle schneller ausführen zu können oder komplexe Linux Befehle zu vereinfachen. Ein Linux Alias sollte daher immer dauerhaft gespeichert werden. 🛒 Amazon Affiliate Shop 🛍 🤍 ℹ️ Mehr zum Thema: 🕸 Unifi Tutorials: 🤍 💾 Proxmox Tutorials: 🤍 👨‍💻 Selfhosted Software: 🤍 🐳 Docker Tutorials: 🤍 👨‍💻 Social Media 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🗣 Discord: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 📃 Alle Links: 🤍 💵 Sag Danke ☕️ Buy me a Coffe: 🤍 💳 Werde Kanalmitglied: 🤍 👨🏼‍💻 Mein Desktop Equipment: 🤍 ☁️ Webseiten: 🌎 Blog: 🤍 👨‍💻 GitHub: 🤍

How to use aliases on Linux (Ubuntu, Kali, Manjaro, Mint)


After watching this video you will learn how to use alias command to make your terminal experience much faster and interesting. [Like the wallpaper then download it] - 🤍 Also, visit: 🤍 for more content. HotShot : Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel. You can also connect me to your social(s) through : - Instagram : 🤍 - Twitter : 🤍 && - Subscribe : 🤍 #Linux #Aliases #Terminal #CommandLine #LinuxTutorial

Как пользоваться командой "alias" в Linux


В этом видео я рассказываю использования команды "alias" в терминале Linux. VDS/VPS можно заказать здесь 🤍 промокод: zomro_297311

How to Alias a Command (in Linux and Mac Terminal)


Learn how to create an alias for a command in Mac, Unix, and Linux operating systems which will execute a command(s) when you enter your custom alias. Find more at 🤍 Check out my vlog channel 🤍TonyFlorida #aliascommand #mac

Tutoriel Linux - 13. La commande alias


Comment créer et utiliser la commande alias sous Linux avec des exemples.

Linux👨🏻‍💻 Tutorial for Beginners 30: Alias Part 1 : Make your own commands🕵️‍♂️ || MA🙏🏻


#Linux_tutorial #Linux_in_hindi #Mohanty Academy Linux👨🏻‍💻 Tutorial for Beginners 30: Alias Part 1 : Make your own commands🕵️‍♂️ || MA🙏🏻 Join us on Telegram for more updates : Telegram : 🤍 Alias command instructs the shell to replace one string with another string while executing the commands. When we often have to use a single big command multiple times, in those cases, we create something called as alias for that command. Alias is like a shortcut command which will have same functionality as if we are writing the whole command. Chota bhai smjh kr support jarur kar dena🙏🙏🙏 Thoda bhi samjh aye to 1 Like👍👍 to banta hai yarr😘 Tools i used to create Videos :- Laptop👨‍💻 :- 🤍 Mic🧑‍🎤 :- 🤍 Mobile 📱:- 🤍 - Join us on Telegram for more updates : Telegram : 🤍 If you have any doubt, feel free to post a query in comment box. Please Like, Share and Subscribe my channel. FOLLOW US ON:- 📝 Linkedin :- 🤍 📸Instagram :- 🤍 📲Twitter :- 🤍 🖥 Quora :- 🤍 Join us on Telegram for more updates : Telegram : 🤍 Other Useful Playlist : Postmann Tutorial Playlist : 🤍 Linux Playlist : 🤍 GATE Related Information : 🤍 Certificate Playlist : 🤍 UDEMY Courses : 🤍 Lates JOB : 🤍 Interview Experience : 🤍 - = ✨ Tags ✨ linux tutorial for beginners, linux tutorial for beginners in hindi, linux tutorial in hindi, linux tutorial for beginners linux tutorial point, linux tutorial in tamil, linux tutorial advanced, linux tutorial app, linux tutorial for advanced users, linux administration tutorial advanced, linux tutorial for aws, linux tutorial for administrators, linux tutorial für anfänger, linux tutorial basic command line, linux tutorial by durga sir, linux tutorial by mohanty academy linux tutorial beginners, linux tutorial beginner to advanced, linux tutorial bangla, linux tutorial basic commands, linux tutorial complete, linux tutorial commands, makefile tutorial linux c, c language in linux tutorial, opengl c tutorial linux, gdb tutorial linux c, linux tutorial download, linux driver development tutorial, device tree linux tutorial, debian linux tutorial for beginners, linux development tutorial, ubuntu terminal tutorial, ubuntu terminal commands, Navigating the file system basic commands Change directory list command link hard link and soft link move to any folder in linux navigate the file Softlink vs Hard link what is links in linux softlink kya hai harlink in linux copy file in linkux create shortcut in linux A directory loop linux game loop inside directory linux in hindi hindi me linux kaha se sheekhe ls command options touch command linux touch command create file using touch command Mohanty academy How to remove file & directory Koi bhi file delete kare linux me Delete any file from linux Folder delete in Linux File delete from linux add character in filename Space add in filename linux linux hindi me Linux command line tutorial in hindi gedit text editor linux text editor how to open gedit in linux command line history linux history linux command line history how to view command history cat command in linux tac command view file using cat head command use tail command use wc command combine multiple command in linux run more than one command at once how to execute multiple command use of the semicolon in Linux Help and manual Types of commands whatis commands Wildcard in linux * wildcard use ? wildcard use Match any character in linux copy all file to directory alias command in linux alias command ka use kese karen linux alias command Disclaimer : On Mohanty Academy Channel, We are Providing Educational Content like Tutorial Videos, Important Notification Updates, Online Course Websites With Certificates and Latest Online Internships and Job Updates. The content in this video is strictly for educational and informational purposes only. All Content belongs to Mohanty Academy Channel.

Linux alias command summary with examples


This Linux alias command tutorial shows you how to create custom commands or edit existing aliases, with examples and syntax. FactorPad Linux Essentials playlist covers your first 100 commands with examples. Find the code here: 🤍 Linux Essentials web page: 🤍 🤍 Don't lose this valuable resource, subscribe today. Happy Learning! Let's connect! Email lists : 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

Linux How To Set Up Permanent Bash Alias


An alias is a shorthand you can set up to launch a custom command or change a way a command works. I done some examples and down bellow or in the comments I will add some more examples you can copy and paste. But all you need to do is edit the .bashrc file and add your custom alias's there. If you can't find the .bashrc file use "locate" command to find it. - Alias example you can edit and copy and paste!!! alias CustomAliasHere='command you wish to use here' - Some Example Alias's You Can Use!!! alias rm= 'rm -i' Forces for confirmation before deletion using rm command alias ducks='du -cks * | sort -rn | head' popular alias to show top largest files. - Last Video " 🤍 " - Please Visit: " 🤍 "

How to create alias/shortcuts in Linux | What is bashrc


How to create alias/shortcuts in Linux | What is bashrc Linux In Telugu 🤍 Shell scripting In Telugu 🤍 I'm giving all my playlists below, choice is yours, it totally free, Happy Learning. - Electronics In telugu 🤍 Windows Server Tutorials In Telugu 🤍 Kali Linux linux 🤍 CCNA In Telugu 🤍 Computer Tips In Telugu 🤍 VMware tutorials In Telugu 🤍 Windows Admin Tips In Telugu 🤍 7Hills Pubg 🤍 MsSQl In Telugu 🤍 Genetal Knowledge In Telugu 🤍 IT Solution In Telugu 🤍 Android Tricks In Telugu 🤍 Magic Tricks in Teugu 🤍 All My Videos Play list 🤍 Visit my blog: 🤍 Like It. share It. Subscribe for more updates, Thanks for your support,See you soon, Jai Hind.

Crear Alias en Linux y qué son


Conviértete en miembro de este canal para disfrutar de ventajas: 🤍 Comando: sudo nano ~/.zshrc sudo nano ~/.bashrc

Simplifying the Shell with Bash Aliases


Tired of typing those long and convoluted commands in the shell? Here's how to make short and remember-able aliases for them. - WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? Please like, share and subscribe. And check out my Patreon page: 🤍 Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!

Linux Time Saving Tip: Use Bash Aliases for Commands!


If you regularly use a specific terminal command and arguments in the Linux terminal, you can save time by setting up aliases for that command. First edit ".bashrc" - nano .bashrc Format: alias aliasname='command -arg -arg' Example: alias dl='wget -r -e robots=off -nc -np' Check out our sponsor, System76 - 🤍 Linux Tips Playlist: 🤍 Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: 🤍 Thanks for watching! - ► Shipping: P.O. Box 459 Jeffersonville, IN 47131 ► For marketing/business/sponsorship inquiries, email adam🤍 ► Discord Server: 🤍 ► Support w/ Fan Funding: 🤍 ► Direct Donation: 🤍 ► Gear list: 🤍 ► Amazon Reviews: 🤍 - ►► Follow Us! ◄◄ ✔ Twitter: 🤍 ✔ Instagram: 🤍 ✔ Facebook: 🤍 ✔ Live Stream: 🤍 - ★ Our Channels ★ ✖ Technology Channel: 🤍 ✖ Pokemon TCG Channel: 🤍 ✖ Vlog Channel: 🤍 ✖ Gaming Channel: 🤍 - ✖ Sponsors & Affiliate Links ✖ ★ GOG - DRM-free Games! 🤍 ★ Amazon Affiliate Link: 🤍 ★ B&H Video Gear List: 🤍 ★ TubeBuddy: 🤍 ★ VideoBlocks: 🤍 - EposVox is a channel dedicated to making technology more accessible for anyone via product reviews, tutorials, guides, how-to videos and more! Any links to products or services may be affiliate links that give me a small kickback at no cost to you, with no influence on the content. Free #Tech_Education here! Or, #Techucation - #EposVox delivers it!

Alias para comandos no terminal do Linux


Confira as camisetas mais legais da Internet em 🤍 Aprenda a criar alias para comandos no terminal do Linux. Eles são como atalhos, onde você pode salvar comandos inteiros em apenas uma palavra. Link do artigo: 🤍 Este vídeo é uma parte de um artigo cadastrado no blog Todo Espaço Online (🤍 sugerimos que leia o artigo para maiores informações sobre o vídeo. Lembre-se de se inscrever em nosso canal e seguir nas redes sociais abaixo: Blog: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google+: 🤍

Linux alias


how to setup a alias on linux hidden file in home directory could either be a .bashrc or .zshrc alias yay='sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade'

Automate Your Linux Workflow with BASH ALIAS 🦾


Aliases are custom shortcuts or abbreviations for longer or frequently used commands. They basically allow you to create your own commands or modify existing ones by assigning them a shorter and more memorable name. # This conditional goes in .bashrc if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then source ~/.bash_aliases; fi CHAPTERS 0:00 - Intro 0:56 - What is an Alias? 1:30 - The alias command 2:26 - How to persist aliases 3:34 - Examples of aliases 6:21 - Inline bash functions 6:54 - Thumb rules and outro

How to create permanent alias in linux (customizing the long commands)


Are you tired with typing long commands in terminal, you can shrink that long commands into fewer letters , watch this video Open the terminal ctrl+alt+t Type the following command alias uu = 'sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade' alias was created then how to permanent this just save the alias into the .bashrc file See in video then type source ~/.bashrc now permanent alias is created you can type Your alias anytime in terminal Thanks for Watching Please Subscribe

How to use aliases in BASH


Make your terminal yours with aliases. Aliases are a very handy mechanism that allow you to substitute a command or group of commands with a string, allowing you to, in effect define new commands. This tutorial covers some of the basic uses of the alias mechanism and a few pitfalls to avoid when creating aliases. Shell used: BASH OS: Ubuntu 12.04.3 Desktop Edition 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "virtualbox vs vmware virtual machine in virtual machine?" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Curso de linux desde cero. Crear alias


Hola, si quieres inscribirte en este curso, puedes hacerlo con un gran descuento sobre el precio oficial Lo tengo publicado en Udemy, con lo que tienes un plazo de 30 días para devolverlo si no te convence. En esta lista de reproducción puedes ver distintos ejemplos del curso. Accede a mi página Web para ver las ofertas sobre este y otros cursos que tengo publicados 🤍 Cualquier duda o pregunta, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros Saludos Apasoft Training

Linux Command Alias in Shell - Create Your Own Shortcut Commands!


Linux Command Alias in Shell is a tutorial to help you create your own shortcut commands using shell and aliases! You can do this using bash, fish, or zsh. Whatever shell you use the process is similar. Make using commands in Linux easier by applying this to your own commands. In Linux you can specify your own commands and then string others so that it makes a chain of commands. Which is great to condense things. This Linux Command Alias tutorial is great for beginners! Also if you're an advanced user and haven't started using Aliases check them out today! It's it a simple process, but is great for beginners who don't want to memorize their commands or they want to make them more efficient. They can use a Linux Command Alias through Shell by editing their .bashrc file. Some Linux distros already create their own Aliases, such as, Ubuntu which is what I'll be using today to show you how to create an alias in Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but this can be applied anywhere a shell is installed. My Linux Cheat Sheet and 25 Page Checklist here: 📚 🤍 Share this free tool and support Small YouTubers 🤍 (I made this tool to help creators) Want more info/content? 🤍 Useful Links/Commands: Discord Link: 🤍 #shell #alias #linux

Take your Linux Terminal to the next level: How to use aliases for effortless productivity


Aliases in Linux can make your terminal experience much more efficient and effortless. By creating short commands for frequently used long commands, you can save time and increase productivity. In this video, we'll show you how to create and use aliases in your Linux terminal. Example: 🤍 Follow me on LinkedIn: 🤍

When Should You Use Bash Aliases VS Functions VS Scripts


Today we're going to look at the differences between bash aliases, functions and scripts, also we'll look at which situations best fit each method of running a program. 💖 Subscribe and ding the bell for more videos! 👍 Leave a like if you got something out of this video! ✍ Comment some video feedback or what you want to see next time! 🖥️ GitHub: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌐 Mastodon: 🤍 🎵 Opening music Music from 🤍 "Rocket" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) License: CC BY (🤍 🎵 Ending music Music from 🤍 "Basic Implosion" by Kevin MacLeod (🤍) License: CC BY (🤍

Linux - Créer et supprimer un alias


Lemax Academy - Linux - Créer et supprimer un alias

Save time with ALIASES on Linux!


suckless repo: 🤍

How to customize the Linux terminal with bash aliases


An alias is effectively a “shortcut” command in Bash. For example, if you use the terminal in Ubuntu a lot, and get sick of typing sudo apt update;sudo apt upgrade -y all the time, you can create an alias called “update” that will execute those same commands without needing to type out so much.

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