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Add "Bokeh" Effect to Renderings


Jamie Scherer (🤍Jamie_Scherer) presents an innovative way to add the "bokeh" effect to your next rendering. To learn more about this effect, see here: 🤍 ► Get Fusion 360 | 🤍 SUBSCRIBE | 🤍 FACEBOOK | 🤍 TWITTER | 🤍

Color space transform & making bokeh in fusion in DaVinci Resolve 15


Color color space transform, making bokeh in fusion and answering other community questions. DaVinci Resolve Templates - 🤍 #davinciresolve Follow me 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Secrets of $250 Bokeh Plugin


Today we talk about my favorite comp plug-in!!! This one's crazy BUY THE PLUG-IN 🤍 🍬 BE BETTER AT BLENDER Click below to shop from my website! 🤍 💬 JOIN MY DISCORD Click below to join other artists and myself to discuss CG and filmmaking! 🤍 📷 FOLLOW Click below to follow me on Instagram! 🤍 🛍️ BUY MY SETUP Microphone: 🤍 Mic interface: 🤍 Mic XLR: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Editing software: 🤍 Monitor: 🤍 Mouse: 🤍 Graphics Card: 🤍 Button Panel: 🤍 Monitor Calibration: 🤍 = MY BLENDER ADDONS 👉 VFX Compositing Nodes 🤍 👉 Realistic Fire and Explosion Shader 🤍 👉 Sci-fi Planet Textures 🤍 👉 Spaceship Textures 🤍 👉 Metal Kit 🤍 👉 Light Textures 🤍 = 2 months FREE access to great royalty free Music when you sign up to Artlist 👉 🤍 20% off premium Stock Footage and Video Templates with my Videvo link 👉 🤍 Chapters 0:00 - Chapter Title Hashtags #Blender #VFX #CyclesRender #VisualEffects #ChristopherFraser #Filmmaker #Creator #Blender3D #MotionGraphics #Filmmaking #Materials We make donuts blender with Simon Thommes procedural node setup showing 1-year progress with free 3d materials and shaders. Quick and easy we use lazy tutorial by Blender Guru to create Andrew Price Chair Tutorial Couch Series, Kitchen and cool Lighting in Octane an Cycles Eevee renders. Also, secret ingredient to photorealism included in the recipe. Ryan King art.

Bokeh Effect with Davinci Resolve 18


Davinci Resolve Studio 18 has introduced the New Magic Mask object mode and it is incredible! It allows you to create a very fine Mask of your subject in this case i am using it to create that fake Bokeh effect on footage shot on a Apple 12 Pro Max But the the Magic Mask Object Mode is also great for apply selective effects (like blurring, sharpening, smoke, fog, fire etc) and even do some creative masking! It has so many applications and its super quick and easy to use. It really is incredible! I hope you found this useful :) Thanks for watching

Davinci Resolve : How to Blur Background Tutorial


A tutorial on how to blur the background of video in Davinci Resolve 16.

9 FREE Effects Inside Davinci Resolve 18 (tutorial)


Here is 9 Epic Effects inside Davinci Resolve 18 which you can do for free. ▶ Music & Sound Effects I Use: 🔥 Artlist* ▶ 🤍 ( 2 Months FREE! ) ▶ Stock Footage I Use: 🔥 Artgrid* ▶ 🤍 ▶ Stock Footage,SFX,Plugins,Templates: 🔥 Motion Array* ▶ 🤍 (Click to Get $50 OFF!) Business E-mail Here ➡ molin1994🤍 I Am Making Davinci Resolve Tutorials Every Week ! So if you are interested on improving yourself as a editor hit that Subscribe Button and let's begin. You May Also Want to Check ⬇⬇⬇ 4 More Davinci Resolve Effects in 1 Video ▶ 🤍 Timecodes 0:00 Digital Glitch 0:22 Film Grain 0:43 Loading Bar 1:25 Plane Tracking 3:08 Ghost Effect 3:48 Bass Shake 4:22 Matrix Effect 4:38 Split Screen 4:56 Muffle Effect 5:20 Outro DISCLAIMER: - The links above marked with * are affiliate links, when you make a purchase on one of those sites, I will get a small kickback to no extra cost for you! Thanks for supporting me and my channel! Cheers! #visualeffects #resolve18 #davinciresolve

Hayley Kiyoko - xx [Official Audio]


Official audio for Hayley Kiyoko's "xx" from the album, 'Expectations' Download/Stream: 🤍 "For The Girls" Out Now! 🤍 Pre-save/add the new album 'Panorama' available July 29th 🤍 Subscribe for the latest official music videos, performances, behind the scenes and more Hayley: 🤍 Follow Hayley Kiyoko 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Join My Mailing List: 🤍 The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Hayley Kiyoko. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. #HayleyKiyoko #xx #Expectations

How to use the brand new DEPTH MAP tool in Davinci Resolve 18 Studio! Full Overview & Tutorial


🔥🔥Check out SCANS Nvidia Studio Systems here🔥🔥: 🤍 NVIDIA: 🤍NVIDIAGeForceUK SCAN: 🤍SCANComputers ☕☕☕ SAY THANKS?! BUY ME A COFFEE: 🤍 ☕☕☕ 🔥🔥🔥 FREE RESOLVE RESOURCES PLUS MORE!: 🤍 🔥🔥🔥 Davinci Resolve Studio 18 has introduced the Depth Map effect and it is incredible! It allows you to do selective colour grading, apply selective effects (like bluring, sharpening, smoke, fog, fire etc) and even do some creative masking! It has so many applications and its super quick and easy to use. It really is incredible! 00:00 INTRO 00:26 STUDIO ONLY 00:40 NVIDIA SCAN SPONSOR 01:40 EDIT Vs COLOUR 02:00 UNDERSTADING Depth Map 07:09 COLOUR GRADING 10:03 MOSAIC BLUR 11:32 DEPTH OF FIELD 13:12 MASKING - TITLE1 14:36 MASKING - TITLE2 15:12 MAGIC

8 AWESOME Effects In Under 3 Minutes // DaVinci Resolve 17 Tutorial


Check out the NEW 8 MORE CRAZY USEFUL EFFECTS! ▶ 🤍 🔥🔥ULTIMATE Video Creator TOOLBOX + FREE TRIAL - EnvatoElements*🔥🔥 ▶ 🤍 8 effects in less than 3 minutes! You'll learn 8 effects in less than 3 minutes in this davinci resolve 17 tutorial! These are some edit page effects, color page effects and fusion effects, using mostly the davinci resolve effects library! 🔥🔥The BEST Effects; Transitions & Titles for Resolve? MotionVFX!*🔥🔥 ▶ 🤍 Feel free to buy me a coffee! :) ▶ 🤍 ▶ BEST YT CAMERA:* 🤍 ▶ BEST YT Lens:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Camera Monitor:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Editing Laptop:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Microphone:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Wireless Mic:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Editing Storage:* 🤍 ▶ BEST Video Light:* 🤍 My Shop: ▶ 🤍 The music I use in my videos? + 2 MONTHS FREE! (Artlist)* ▶ 🤍 Biggest MotionGraphicsPack for Resolve:* ▶ 🤍 DISCLAIMER The links above marked with * are affiliate links, when you make a purchase on one of those sites, I will get a small kickback to no extra cost for you! Thanks for supporting me and my channel! Cheers! Timestamps _ 00:00 - 00:25 ProMist Filter 00:26 - 00:38 AnamorphicFlares 00:39 - 00:54 LightRays 00:55 - 01:09 GreenScreen 01:10 - 01:19 Morph 01:20 - 01:46 Matrix 01:47 - 01:59 AnalogDamage 02:00 - 02:24 Vertigo/DollyZoom #DaVinciResolve17 #DaVinciResolveTutorial #DaVinciResolveEffects

7 Effects You Gotta Know in Davinci Resolve (No Plugins Needed)


You're gonna learn 7 fast & easy video effects that you can add to your videos right now! 🔥50% DISCOUNT on Epidemic Sound's ANNUAL PERSONAL PLAN (Code: RYBKA50) ➡️ 🤍 ⚡Get the Seamless Transitions for Yourself & Save Time Editing ➡️🤍 This video is sponsored by Epidemic Sound. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission. 📒 Show Notes 📒 1️⃣ Transitions used in this video: 🤍 🤍 2️⃣ Titles used in this video: 🤍 3️⃣You REALLY Need to Know About These 11 Nodes in Davinci Resolve: 🤍 My mission is to help content creators speed up their video-editing process while making higher-quality videos so they can go full-time doing what they love and making an impact through the power of video. Here are the ways to further your Davinci Resolve knowledge & resources: ⚡️Davinci Resolve Starter Kit - 🤍 ⚡️Davinci Resolve Beginners Guide - 🤍 Connect with Billy Rybka on Social Media: 🤍 🤍 Contact🤍 QUESTION? - If you have any questions about Davinci Resolve or Video Editing please comment below and I will do my best to answer it and or make a video on it :) Subscribe to Billy Rybka Here: 🤍 Music provided by Epidemic Sounds. Start your free trial here➡️ (Code: RYBKA50) for 50% off Annual Personal Plan: 🤍 #BillyRybka #DavinciResolve #VideoEditing About: In this video, Billy Rybka teaches Davinci Resolve 18 users how to create DaVinci Resolve effects and DaVinci Resolve transitions in minutes! The best part is they don't need to use Davinci Resolve fusion to make it!

How to do Swirly Bokeh in Davinci Resolve


A lot of people seems to like the swirly bokeh found in some vintage, projector or anamorphic lenses. Some are wondering if it is possible to imitate the look by applying an effect in post production, so in this video we will have a quick look at how to do it in Davinci Resolve :) Thaiphotos: 🤍 🤍 line ID : 🤍wkc2221x

Davinci Resolve 18 Crazy Bokeh Background Effect Like the Batman


Use some of the new features in Davinci Resolve to add a crazy bokeh in the background like The Batman. Using the new depth map node, the foreground can be isolated in Resolve 18. I show how to use this new feature to add a bokeh background effect to two different shots. Even if your camera does not create the amount of background bokeh refocus you want, Resolve 18 can now be used in post to add a crazy amount of bokeh or blur in the background. In The Batman film, director Matt Reeves and DP Greg Fraser add a bokeh effect to the background of specific scenes to isolate the heroes in the scenes in add depth to their surroundings providing an almost surreal moment. You can use Resolve 18 right now to add this effect. I show how to do it using a Resolve Studio node, the Tilt Shift Blur node. This is the easiest way when using the Depth map node in Resolve 18. There are other ways to do the same thing using the free version, but I do not cover them in the video. Here are the clips I used in the background bokeh blur tutorial if you want to follow along. 🤍 🤍

Super Simple Bokeh Ball Effect - Affinity Photo Tutorial


Check out our complete guide to Affinity Photo: 🤍 In this Affinity Photo tutorial, we learn how to create a bokeh ball effect. We'll use blend modes, the recolor adjustment, and the levels adjustment. Then we'll finish things off with a little masking. This tutorial is perfect for beginners to Affinity Photo, and for anyone looking to enhance their portrait photography. Download the portrait: 🤍 Download bokeh balls: 🤍



Today's video follows up with the Basic Composite and dives into How To Make An Advanced Composite in Fusion. This resolve 17 tutorial looks at some advanced concepts of how to structure a composite in Fusion so that you can create some believable effects in your projects. The idea is simple: add in the elements you want in your shot, then step by step solve the immediate problem. Taking things one step at a time like this will allow you to understand each element easily, and help learn how things work together. And of course this tutorial goes over some simple effects, but the process is the same for more complicated projects! TRAINING COURSES: PRO COLOR GRADING IN RESOLVE: 🤍 INTRODUCTION TO DAVINCI RESOLVE: 🤍 DAVINCI RESOLVE 17 END TO END MASTERCLASS: 🤍 ADVANCED FUSION MOTION GRAPHICS TRAINING: 🤍 YOUTUBE EDITOR'S MASTER TRAINING FOR DAVINCI RESOLVE: 🤍 Artgrid (VIDEO): 🤍 Artlist (MUSIC/SFX): 🤍

Davinci Resolve 18 Depth Map Bokeh Effect


The Depth Map is only available to the paid version of Davinci Resolve 18. Timestamps: 0:00 - Demonstration 0:27 - Depth Map in Color Page 2:23 - Blur Background 7:05 - Changing Depth of Field Effect

Davinci Resolve 18 Automatic Depth Maps


Now Davinci Resolve 18 has automatic depth maps. Depth maps are very useful to create 3D scenes or to isolate a section of an image or video based on the depth. Previously depth maps had to be created outside of Davinci Resolve in programs like Photoshop or 3D software like Blender or Maya. Now Davinci Resolve 18 has a new Depth Map node in the Fusion Page. There is also a Depth Map effect in the Resolve color page and a Depth Map OFX effect in the Edit page. Each page where there is a depth map option allows Davinci Resolve 18 to do many more things than could be done in Resolve 17. Davinci Resolve 18 can now be used as a free 3D depth map generator. #Resolve18 #Depthmap

Vincent Versace 2 MINUTE TUTORIALS: BOKEH (ALL 14)


Welcome to my first set of 2 Minute Tutorials from my new book project 21st Century Composition Theory. I have formatted them from vertical (for instagram) to horizontal (for YouTube) and edited the all together vin to one complete installment instead of 14 individual 2 minute, give or take, installments. Please follow me on instagram Vincent_versace



CREATE A BOKEH STYLE ANIMATED BACKGROUND VIDEO IN DAVINCI RESOLVE 17. This is the quickest and easiest way to create animated background videos in DaVinci Resolve 17. Make an animated background video in DaVinci Resolve 17. Create simple and professional transitions for your YouTube videos. This can also be applied to marketing videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Gaming Channels. DOWNLOAD FREE DAVINCI RESOLVE TRANSITIONS AND EFFECTS: 🤍 FREE ROYALTY FREE MUSIC: 🤍 Download DaVinci Resolve 17 here: 🤍 Free DaVinci Resolve 17 Animated Backgrounds. Bokeh Background Video DaVinci Resolve 17. DIY Animated Background DaVinci Resolve 17. How to make animated videos DaVinci Resolve 17.

How to Create a Bokeh Effect | Photoshop Tutorial


In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to add a bokeh overlay to your photo. ►Download photo: 🤍 (Woman photo created by Luisa Denu) 🤍 (Bokeh Photo created by freepik) ►My favorite Tutorials: ✅ How To Create Stunning, Photo Mosaic Portraits? 🤍 ✅ How To Change The Background Behind Transparent Dress. 🤍 ►Check out More Tutorials: ✅ How To Create Sliced Text Effect ? 🤍 ✅ How To Create Awesome Speed Effects ? 🤍 ✅ How To Create Vertical Photo Collage ? 🤍 ► Music from: Youtube Audio Library. 🎧 Rock Intro 3 de Audionautix fait l'objet d'une licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. 🤍 Artiste : 🤍 🎧 Chucky the Construction Worker - Stings de Kevin MacLeod fait l'objet d'une licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. 🤍 Source : 🤍 Artiste : 🤍 ►Thanks for watching 👍🏼Like, share, Subscribe and Comment below. #mega_photoshop_tutorials #photoshop #Adobe_Photoshop

How to use the Z-Channel in Resolve & Fusion


Create Depth of Field, Fog, and more with depth information from the Z-Channel in DaVinci Resolve & Fusion. This can greatly help your 3D motion graphics and other 3D work. Using Z-Depth in 2D gives you great control over many very efficient 2D effects that would otherwise only be available in compute expensive 3D work. Exercise files: 🤍 The 3D model was kindly made available by Shahid Abdullah from 🤍 twitter: 🤍VFX_study New Resolve & Fusion tutorials every Sunday morning, 11 am GMT.

BOKEh EFFECT transition in Davinci resolve! Cool transtion by FLICKER & GLOW! Easy tutorial!


In this video you will learn the shortest way creating BOKEh transition in davinci resolve 16 by Fusion panel! You can make it in 2 minutes! Used effects: flicker, glow, rotate, zoom, opacity! What will you learn after this video: choose correct effect in Fusion; Work with inspector panel; add motion blur and mirror edges; work with spline,that is smooth animation. Also you understand the principle of ADJUSTMENT LAYER! This tutorial was created for beginners who interested in cool simple transitions in davinci resolve 16. Leave a comment: on what topic would you like to watch the video? Subscribe to my channel right now! 🤍 Want channel design? Leave a request! adifetih🤍 Would you like to launch high-quality advertising on Instagram or order high-quality advertising posts or animations for targeted advertising? Click below! fantasy_911m🤍 I don’t hide anything! Want to know me better, visit my pages: my instagram: 🤍 my Facebook: 🤍 my VK: 🤍 Adi from the fifth grade is learning English! He crammed both grammar and literary books. But since this did not work, he began to use alternative methods! And he realized that listening in English and blogging in English is the most effective method for learning English as quickly as possible! Adi also studied Adobe Photoshop, which was the first step in Internet marketing. Then he took up targeted advertising on Instagram. What led him to considerable success, and brought him a lot of experience, benefits and profits! He went on to study Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator! Adi also studied video editing and audio editing tools! With life experience, Adi is also not shy! In this question he has quite a few answers! How to build relationships in business and personal space? You will find answers to these questions in subsequent videos! Programs with which this video was created: Adobe After Effects Davinci Resolve 16 Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator #davinciresolve16 #transitions #AdikhanSultanov #davinciresolvetutorials #bokehtransitions

Создаем эффект БОКЕ в LumaFusion | ТУТОРИАЛ


Наконец руки дошли сделать туториал, где я подробно показал как в приложении LumaFusion с помощью одних лишь стандартных средств создать эффект боке (bokeh effect / bokeh vfx) в своем видео. Способ более чем рабочий, но, чтобы придать ему реалистичности нужно очень тщательно прорабатывать момент с настройками и ключевыми точками. В данном случае тяп-ляп не получится. По этой причине прошу не особо пинаться по части трекинга флэерсов на фаре автомобиля. Другого футажа под рукой не оказалось, трекинг сделал на скорую руку - главно, что суть вы, надеюсь, уловили. Заодно потренировались как монтировать видео на телефоне или планшете. Ссылка на авторский обучающий курс "Мобильная съёмка - от нуля до шедевра" - 🤍 #lumafusion #bokeh #туториал

Massive Sparkle Storm Coloful Bokeh Royalty Free Backgorund Video Effect Footage AA VFX


NEW! DOWNLOAD AA-vfx! 🤍 AA VFX- 8K & 4K Most Viewed Motion backgrounds channel 🤍 🤍 Moving Backgrounds, Backdrops, Animated Live Wallpapers! HD & UHD Videos 2160p, 4320p , VJ Loops, VFX Animations! Dozens of playlists: Tutorials, Effects, Compilations: 🤍 HD-video , 8K-animation , 4K Free Moving Background, 8k-60fps-50fps , Beautiful Backdrops for editing , Special effects for video edits , LED screen & VJ Loops , Best & most amazing live wallpapers , Highest Quality Animation Design , Worship, Sci-fi, Nature , Retro , Electrics, Creatures, Robotics, Graphics , Colorful, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Clouds, Lightening, Space, Nebula, Star-field, Wormhole, Portal, TNG Star Trek, Doctor Who, 8K & 4K Playlists, Visuals, Video Reel, Digital & Abstract Demo, DJ VJ Show Material, GTX, RTX, PC, Mac, Hardware, Gaming, Game, Cool, Best, Fast, Slow, Meditation, God, Angels, Bible, Secrets, Church, Peace, Peaceful, World, New, UHD, Full-HD, HQ, Lyric Music Video Clip, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Tutorial, Tricks, Tips, HitFilm, Fusion, Flame, Autodesk, BMD, Learn, How to, Modern Music Trippy VJ Artistic Alien Futuristic Visuals, Sacred Geometry, Geometric Future Computer Beauty #AAvfx #MotionBackground #VJLOOP #8KVideo #Free #VJ #DJ #8KAnimation #Best #Cool #True #Party #Event #Wedding #Show #Light #Abstract #Art #Amazing #Free #Design #Effects #Tunnel #Spiritual #Meditation Full content online, 8K / 4K & HD Packs , CG background, Green Screen, VFX, Effect footage for your private, educational, offline/Online use in video projects under the U.S 'Fair Use' usage practice, as long as it doesn't conflict with the provider's policy. It's also advised to keep up with U.S and European legal changes referring to online re-used material for your own safety. Add Credit + Hyperlink attached to you work, For Ex.: Motion Backgrounds by: "#AAvfx" 🤍 on your file description or website.

Shooting Bubble Bokeh, The Easy Way


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to shooting bubble Bokeh in a really easy way. The bubble bokeh effect is simply an extreme shallow depth of field (blurry background) with hight light circular. In this video, I used a steel wool for background, some water and Flashlight on it. I used a lens fixed Petri 35mm f/2.8 with short macro tube (Magnification is 1:3 to 1:2). The Lens list We can used for this tips 1. Lomo 40f4 2. Carlzeiss 50 f2.8 3. Petri lens ( 55mmf1.8 Cc Auto), 55mmf1.7, 35mm f2.8 4. Minolta AF 24-50mm f/4 5. SMC Pentax – A 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 6. Meyer domiplan 55mm f/2.8 7. Fujinon 55mm f/2.2 8. Minolta 35-70mm f/3.5 MD 9. Super Lentar 35mm f/2.8 … ... ... I will update from your comments about lens can used. - #bubble #bokeh Some Vintage lens for Bokeh, Flare you may like: 🤍 - Join my photography group here: 🤍 Connect to me: 🤍 Support me by like and share my video. Subcriber Teaphoto channel for new photography tips: 🤍 Thank you!

How to Create Blurred Bokeh Backgrounds in Illustrator


Bokeh effects are always popular in graphic design and make a great subtle, blurred background for anything from social media posts to website banners. In this video, you'll learn the concepts behind creating a bokeh effect in Adobe Illustrator, with a few simple steps. We'll cover creating a blurred background from any photo with one step, constructing radial gradients, and using the right colors and blending modes to create glowing bokeh particles. Free stock image used: 🤍 Download a free set of sample bokeh gradients here: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:20 - Creating a blurred background from a photo 01:21 - Building radial gradients and choosing colors for bokeh effects 03:46 - Explanation of blending modes for bokeh effects 04:16 - Overview, Placing the shapes over the background Thank you so much for watching! If you have any questions or ideas for tutorials you'd like to see next please leave a comment below. Cheers! Kat #learnillustrator #adobeillustrator #graphicdesign #illustratortutorial

Hintergrund unscharf machen + Bokeh | Defocus Effekt in Davinci Resolve


In diesem Video zeige ich euch einen vielseitig anwendbaren Effekt: Künstliche Tiefenunschärfe. Egal ob im Film die Blicke des Zuschauers zu lenken, oder einfach nur um sein unaufgeräumtes Zimmer stilvoll zu verbergen: Mit dem Defocus-Effekt seit ihr richtig. Also viel Spaß mit dem Video! Rezo (sehr zu empfehlendes Video): 🤍 35 gratis LUTs: 🤍 Davinci Resolve GRATIS: 🤍 (Nicht die Studio Version nehmen) Tutorial Playlist: 🤍 Mein Equipment als Affiliate-Links (Unterstützt mich, indem ihr hier vorbeischaut): Davinci Resolve Pro: 🤍 Mein Mikrofon: 🤍 Meine Kamera: 🤍 Mein Kameramikrofon: 🤍 Meine Grafikkarte: 🤍 Meine Lautsprecher: 🤍 Meine Maus: 🤍 Mein Grafiktablet: 🤍 Meine Backup-Platte: 🤍 Gutes Buch über Filme: 🤍 Gute Speicherkarte: 🤍 Witziges Geschenk: 🤍 Hat mein Leben verändert: 🤍 Inhaltverzeichnis: 0:00 Einleitung 1:02 Maskieren 6:45 Defocus Effekt 12:21 Cinematischer Look 13:18 Finaler Render + Ende

Traffic bokeh Tirupati


Cinematic Bokeh Effect in Blender! | Blender 3.5 Tutorial


🤍 How to make the cinematic bokeh effect in Blender Cycles? Actually it's fairly easy, this 30-minute tutorial explains the basics of creating this realistic-looking effect. Improve the look and feel of your 3d cinematography. #b3d #3d #vfx #blender3d Download the project files: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 - Start 00:42 - Camera settings and depth of field 07:07 - How to create a custom bokeh shape 21:30 - Swirling bokeh effect (like Heliops 44-2 or similar vintage lenses) 25:09 - Panoramic cameras and lens distortion What you'll learn after watching this Blender tutorial? * Customizing the bokeh shape for a unique and professional look in 3D cinematography * Tweaking depth-of-field settings such as f-stop, blades, rotation, and ratio for more control over the appearance of bokeh * Simulating anamorphic compression * The *vintage* effects such as swirly bokeh or the cat's eyes effect, in Cycles * The focus breathing effect * Fisheye Equisolid and Fisheye Lens Polynomial settings Cinematic Lighting course on Blender Market - 🤍 Cinematic Lighting course on Gumroad - 🤍 The Introduction video: 🤍 Our socials: 🤍 - Creative Shrimp 🤍 - Gleb's Twitter 🤍 - Aidy's Twitter 🤍 - Artstation 🤍 - Instagram 🤍 - CS Instagram 🤍 - Discord Music: Fruits of Life - Jimena Contreras

Bokeh with a GoPro??? | Depth Map in Resolve 18 Shallow Depth of Field


In this Tutorial I teach you how using the Depth Map in DaVinci Resolve 18 can give your phone, gopro, or other flat footage a cinematic shallow depth of field. How I Capture & Mix Audio: 🤍 Channel Link: 🤍

Easy Paper Flower || Paper Tulip Flower || Paper Craft


Hello everyone.....😊😊😊Welcome back to my channel... I hope you will have enjoy this video... I show you Paper Flower... Paper craft... #paperflower #papercraft

How to Add Bokeh using Photoshop


Learn how to add bokeh to a photograph using a simple overlay, blending modes, and masking. Download a free bokeh overlay on my website here: 🤍 Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Happy Accidents by Inukshuk (🤍

Horizontal Bokeh with a Anamorphic Lens? Let's test it.


This is a follow-up video to our Moment anamorphic lens bokeh test (WATCH IT FIRST 🤍 In this quick video we look at two question that arose: 1. Was our Moment lens setup correctly? 2. Does the Moondog anamorphic also have horizontal oval bokeh? Let's find out! ▶︎ SAVE 10% on Moment Gear 🤍 🎥 Making movies with FiLMiC Pro? Check out our LUT Packs! 🤍 ▶︎ MUSIC from the Artlist: 🤍 ▶︎ EDITED with Adobe Creative Cloud 🤍 ▶︎ FAVORITE Mobile Filmmaking Apps & Gear: Camera App FiLMiC Pro 🤍 Editing App LumaFusion 🤍 Gimbal/Stabilizer 🤍 Universal Camera Cage/Grip 🤍 Hand Grip/Tripod Mount 🤍 Mini Tripod 🤍 Bendy Tripod 🤍 Battery Pack 🤍 LED Light 🤍 Camera Mic 🤍 Anamorphic Lens 🤍 Moment Gear (save 10%) 🤍 ND Filter Kit 🤍 Need more smartphone filmmaking gear ideas? 🤍 ▶︎ FOLLOW US: 🤍 🤍 🤍 If you’re new to our channel we’re all about sharing mobile filmmaking tools, tips & techniques for indie filmmakers, YouTube creators, mobile journalists and really anyone who wants to create better video using their smartphone. We primarily use iOS devices - but most of our tips will work with any smartphone - so if you're an Android user there's plenty of good info here for you, too! :) #anamorphic #bokeh #smartphone Thanks for watching! ©2018 Splashbox Studios

How to create a SWIRLY BOKEH in Blender!


Yooo guys, I found this trick on Reddit. Thanks to brockmann for sharing this haha.

Obtenir du BOKEH avec un drone ? – La théorie


Le bokeh est très courant dans vos vidéos ou photos au sol, mais il ne l’est pas dans vos prises de vues aériennes ! Avec un drone, des possibilités incroyables s’offrent à vous, il faut donc en profiter pleinement ! La marque DJI vous propose des drones professionnels permettant d’avoir des optiques interchangeables de très haute qualité ! Avec des objectifs supérieurs à 35mm en plein format et une ouverture la plus grande possible (F1.7 c’est déjà très bien !), vous pourrez enfin réaliser des productions audiovisuelles aériennes avec du BOKEH ! Une idée de partenariat ? contact moi : contact🤍 🎬 ABONNE TOI pour faire partie de l'aventure Drone-ambition. 00:00 - Intro 00:25 - Le Bokeh, c'est quoi ? 02:11 - Les paramètres qui inffluent sur le Bokeh 04:22 - Le matériel pour optimiser son Bokeh 07:58 - Pourquoi chercher à avoir du flou ? 08:08 - Conclusion 09:10 - Drone Time 09:59 - outro ✎ Mon UTIP : 🤍 ✎ Mon Tipeee : 🤍 ✎ Lien de mon centre de formation : 🤍 ✎Tu veux collaborer ? Contacte-moi : contact🤍 FACEBOOK : 🤍 INSTAGRAM : 🤍 LINKEDIN : 🤍 Un petit tips GRATUIT? Par ici : 🤍 ◉ DRONES ◉ DJI Phantom 4 pro + : 🤍 DJI Phantom 3 standard : 🤍 DJI Inspire 2 : 🤍 DJI Mavic 2 pro : 🤍 Parrot Mambo mission : 🤍 ◉ BOÎTIERS ET NACELLES◉ Canon eos 750D : 🤍 GH5 : 🤍 DJI Zenmuse x5 : 🤍 ◉ CAMERAS 360°◉ Qoocam 8K : 🤍 Gopro Fusion : 🤍 Insta360 pro 2 : 🤍 Insta360 one R : 🤍 ◉ STABILISATEURS ◉ DJI Ronin MX : 🤍 DJI Ronin S : 🤍 ◉ MICROPHONES ◉ Rode Videomic pro : 🤍 Rode NTG-2 : 🤍 Shure SM58 : 🤍 Rode NT1-A : 🤍 Rode filmmaker Kit : 🤍 Zoom H3-VR : 🤍 Zoom H4N pro : 🤍 ◉ OBJECTIFS ET FILTRES ◉ Olympus 45mm f/1.8 Zuiko : 🤍 Olympus 17mm f/1.8 Zuiko : 🤍 Samyang 35mm f/1.4 : 🤍 Hoya VND67 : 🤍 ◉ MACHINERIE ◉ Ifootage Grue mini crane M1 III : 🤍 Manfrotto Compact Advanced Kit : 🤍 Manfrotto Trépieds lumière : 🤍 Benro Monopode télescopique : 🤍 Manfrotto Bras magique : 🤍 ✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘ Numéro d'exploitant drone : ED4187 ✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘✘ Musiques : Provenance Epidemic Sound et/ou Artlist

💥Get Blurry Background (Bokeh) for ONLY $20 !!💥


This new model 1.8 improves the previous one of 1.4. There is less distortion and more sharpness. I used the Vivid color profile of my Lumix camera, setting Contrast at -5. I need to improve this because my skin got a red color that doesn't show my real skin, more white. Even though, I like Vivid, but I need to keep testing on the best Lumix Color profile for this lens. Vivid Color Profile, with Contrast -5 ND Filter Zomei

Bokeh and Shaving Cream Technique with Deb Valder


🤍 blog - 🤍 online store I've used the Fun Stampers Journey PanPastels to achieve the Bokeh Technique in this card.

TUTORIAL Video Pro X9 - Lensflare e bokeh


In questo tutorial vi mostro come utilizzare delle immagini bokeh nei vostri video utilizzando la chiave e l'effetto Cookie cutter. A questo link potete scaricare le immagini dei bokeh: 🤍

100mm Macro Lens photography || Bokeh effect || Prasad Pictorials ||Telugu tutorials.


Hello friends,this episode is based on 100mm macro bokeh effect. In 100mm macro it is not necessary to shoot small objects every time. We can also try out portrait photography and bokeh effect.To get this beautiful bokeh effect do not skip the video and watch it till end. Torch light used in video👇 🤍 Leaf the studio FB : 🤍 Leaf the studio insta : 🤍 Prasad singarapu FB : 🤍 Prasad singarapu insta : 🤍 Leaf the studio You tube chanel : 🤍 Makeup By : Thanus Makeover

How to Flare Bokeh In Photoshop using Blending Mode


So in this Photoshop Hindi Tutorial, you will learn to place flare bokeh using blending mode in photoshop ►FREE EFFECT PSD FILE 🤍 ► STAY TUNE AT 🤍 ► PHOTO CREDITS 🤍 ►JOIN ARUNZ CREATION CLASSES ►TOPIC COVERED AT ARUNZ CREATION CLASS Subject Knowledge -Fundamentals of Editing -Lightroom Post Processing -Lightroom cc from Basic to Advance -Lightroom Color Correction -Lightroom Color Grading -Understanding in depth Lightroom cc with theory and practical examples -Fundamental of Photoshop -Camera Raw -How to Process Raw photos -Digital Manipulation -Background Change - Digital Post Processing -Skin Retouching -Advance Photo Manipulation - Fundamentals of photography - White Balance - Exposure Triangle Parameters of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed - Metering and exposure compensation - Focusing Modes and Focusing Points - Composition - Understanding Lighting - Low light photography - Getting that sharp image with good colors - Understanding your equipment and shooting techniques

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